The best of Spanish cooking

Casa Carmen Barcelona, ​​a new restaurant that has arrived to stay, from the moment it was inaugurated it has become a business famous for its excellent cuisine, varied and different, which tells the story of typical Spanish food and other places in the world


A place designed for the whole family, large, grandparents and small, can come to taste the best dishes, and in addition to different is exquisite, from a French fries to a Mediterranean grill.


The little ones of the house will be able to enjoy the best atmosphere and the adults of the best music, without any doubt all will eat à la carte what they want, or they will be able to be guided by the customer service personnel, who are formed to offer the best of yes.


This restaurant is not only unbelievable by its helpful model, but also by the culture behind it, such as the restaurant near the place of Catalunya, one of the best restaurants and most visited both by tourists and people living in Spain.
It is that the story that tells this wonderful place, being around the Catalunya makes people want to eat near so much Spanish identity, which generates emotion and pleasure.